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Zzzopa Ball Spinner

Zzzopa Ball Spinner

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With the Zzzopa Ball Spinner you can play the ultimate ball game of spin, bounce, and throw - the new fidgety craze! Available in 4 different sport themes: Soccer (goal!), Basketball (Slam Dunk!), Tennis (Ace!) and Cricket (Howzat!). Watch the video below to see the Zzzopa spinning ball in action.

Each Zzzopa ball contains a high-quality bearing that sits on an axle within the centre of the 2-inch ball. This means you can smoothly spin the Zzzopa on your fingertips with speed, a spherical fidget spinner that's perfect for restless hands!

The outer poly-active surface allows for incredible crisp bounces, combine with different spins to bamboozle your friends with crazy tricks, spinning jumps, and ricochets.

The Zzzopa offers endless hours of fun for kids both big and small. Designed to offer super smooth spins, crisp bounces, and tighter tricks, the Zzzopa has been described as the combination of a fidget spinner and a handball. Get creative and start experiencing all the tricks you can pull off!

Approx 5cm in diameter.

Bouncing ball you can spin on your fingertips - the new fidgety craze!
Recommended Ages 3 years +.

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