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Classroom Basics Sensory and Fidget Box

Classroom Basics Sensory and Fidget Box

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This Classroom Basics Sensory and Fidget Box includes 5 sensory and fidget tools and comes with one of our amazing Emotions and Feelings infographic posters.

Ideal for home or the classroom, this makes a fantastic gift box for sensory seekers and to help keep hands busy so the mind can focus. The sensory toys selected for Classroom Basics Sensory and Fidget Box are quiet and portable.

Using some toys out of Favourite 5 Sensory and Fidget Box may help children to listen and focus on the task at hand.

In class, the fidget cube and the stretchy punk bracelet are both quiet and discreet to keep fingers busy so that students can focus and listen to their teacher. The squishy, softer resources (bouncing putty and glitter ball) provide great tactile input that can help calm anxious children - it can be relaxing for them.
The wooden unicorn is a sturdy, quiet tool that you can twist this way and that. You can make endless shapes with the unicorn, and the smooth wooden bumps feel nice to rub in your fingers. The infographic poster included with the box helps children learn to identify their emotions and they love looking at themselves in the mirror!

Classroom Basics Sensory and Fidget Box Contains:

  1. Stretchy Soft Punk Bracelet
  2. Fidget Finger Cube
  3. Bouncing Putty
  4. Wooden Unicorn
  5. Squishy Glitter Ball

Recommended Age: 3+ years

*Please note that images are representative of items that will be included in your box. If an item shown is not available at the time, it will be replaced with a similar sensory tool. *

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