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Kaiko Spikey for the wrist

Kaiko Spikey for the wrist

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The Kaiko Wrist Spikey Fidget is one of our most popular fidgets for those who need deep and focused pressure to assist with self regulation. It is made of a black powder coated carbon steel metal that is woven to be stretchy and flexible. This is a fidget suited to suited to those that like strong sensory input.

It is an ideal fidget for those who pick at their skin, fingernails and clothing and those who live with anxiety. Also touted to have remedial benefit, stimulating acupressure points & assisting with circulation. These are stretchy but firm.

The sizing of the spikey is very personal. Many of those that have tried it and find it helpful end up getting a few sizes to use in different situations. The smaller the wrist spikey, the more sensory input it provides when rolled. if using it to roll then, irrespective of wrist size, the small is often the go to.

SMALL: 3cm - super intense for adults or for tiny child wrists.

MEDIUM: 3.5 cm - this is a great size for intense input for adult wrists to use as needed, then take off.

LARGE: 4cm - For all day wear for younger children or for petite wrists.

The Kaiko Spikey for wrist helps with self regulation, calming, focus, concentration, tactile awareness and as a substitution for unhealthy/unhelpful behaviours. The Kaiko wrist spikey fidget is discreet and looks like a trendy piece of jewellery. It is quiet and keeps your hands busy allowing you to focus.

Kaiko Spikey for wrist comes in 3 sizes. Sizing Preference is not so much determined by size of wrist or age of person, although most prefer a snug fit so this can guide selection. The smallest gives the most sensory input. Many who like this also like the Kaiko Spikey for finger.

Some ways to use the wrist spikey...
  • Roll up & down the arm
  • Rub between two palms
  • Hold in one or two hands to fidget
  • Wear on wrist & flick
  • Place on wrist & twist around

Please note if wearing the wrist spikey for any period of time that it is important to monitor the skin to ensure it it is not compromising circulation.

The spikey material is not designed to be over stretched/ over extended using both hands. If overstretched it will become out of shape and not return to its original form. Thus, not suitable for those that like to pull at things with two hands, like to pull things apart or generally like to test limits of products.

Not suitable for children under three years old.

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Customer Reviews

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Chris A.

Feels good quality. Easily looks like a scrunchie hair tie so super easy to wear at school. Nice sharpish feel without any sharp edges so no chance of piercing skin.