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Focus Fidgets 5 Box

Focus Fidgets 5 Box

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Focus Fidgets 5 Box includes 5 fidget tools and comes with your choice of our amazing Emotions and Feelings infographic posters.

A perfect fidget box for older children, teens or adults, the Focus Fidgets 5 box:

  • helps to reduce stress
  • keep hands busy to allow the mind to focus
  • distract from unwanted habits such a fingernail biting
  • relieves anxiety

Please note that this box contains magnets which are not suitable for children under 8 years.

A compact box with 5 amazing fidgets - the classic bike chain fidget is a winner - it's so easy to put in your pocket to take everywhere!
Simple tactile resources such as the mesh fidget with marble fidget cube are quiet and discreet, perfect for school or work. The soccer ball or graffiti fidget spinner are a lot of fun, while the 6 sided fidget cube is an easy fidget to hold in your hand or pocket.
Use the visual aid poster inside the box lid with the mirror and the infinity tracing tool to calm and control your breathing as required.
Focus Fidgets 5 Box Contains:
  1. Graffiti Fidget Spinner
    1. Fidget Cube
    2. Mesh Fidget with marble
    3. Soccer Ball Spinner
    4. Bike Chain Fidget
            *Please note that images are representative of items that will be included in your box. If an item shown is not available at the time, it will be replaced with a similar sensory tool. *
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