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Flare Calmer Ear Plugs Alternative

Flare Calmer Ear Plugs Alternative

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Calmer ear plugs by Flare are a small device worn in the ear to reduce stress. Calmer features a unique technology that reduces distortion in our ears and calms your environment in a subtle, but potentially life-changing way.

The Calmer std ear plugs are designed for teens & adults. For children, please see the Calmer Kids here

For Calmer Nights, please click here.

  • Reduces stressful frequencies without muffling sound
  • Perfect for: Sensitive Hearing, Hyper-sensitivity to sound associated with autism, Hyperacusis, Misophonia, noise related stress & other hearing conditions
  • Soothes sound sensitivities & helps you feel calmer
  • Available in standard and mini sizes. Standard fits most and Mini is for those who know they have very small ear canals.
  • Calmer Night edition is available for use during sleep.
  • Note: Calmer is not an ear plug. It dampens unpleasant frequencies in sound which lowers stress and improves your audio experience.

Reduces stress while…

  • Travelling / commuting • In noisy areas • Any other use where you want a calmer environment • May reduce symptoms of tinnitus.


  • Fits comfortably inside the ear and easy to remove
  • Moulded in soft-touch durable silicone
  • Available in standard or mini to suit all ear sizes
  • Independently tested by ISVR (Institute of Sound and Vibration Research)

What's included

  • One pair of Calmer
  • Flare® carry pouch
  • Instruction manual
  • 'Flare Upgrade' sticker
  • Supplied in 100% recyclable paper packaging
Calmer reduces resonance (distortion) by using a tiny waveguide to reflect sound into our ear which bypasses the effect of the Concha.

Core Size

Calmer - fits approx 90% of teens & adults
  • Length: 11.7mm
  • Width: 12.6mm
Calmer Mini - fits petite ear canals of teens & adults 
  • Length: 9.1mm
  • Width: 10.8mm

Soft-touch durable silicone

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