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Exploratory Bag Sensory Fidget

Exploratory Bag Sensory Fidget

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Exploratory bags are a portable, fun, safe and non-messy way to entertain your children – or yourself!

  • They provide an excellent opportunity to practice fine motor skills
  • great for those with tactile sensitivity
  • can be used as a fidget toy for those who have anxiety or seek proprioceptive sensory input
  • ideal for the classroom and when you are out and about in busy environments.
  • Each bag comes with an attached card detailing the objects hidden within.
  • Useful distraction for medical appointments or in waiting rooms

Exploratory Bags can be used for many different levels/ages – from just looking through the window and discovering different items inside (without using the card attached), to choosing an item on the card to search for, as well as there are also ideas for more difficult activities listed on the attached card for those needing a bit more of a challenge.

WARNING: It is recommended that these exploratory bags not be used with children under the age of 3 as they have small parts that could present as a choking hazard. Please supervise your child when using these.

Australian Made Logo

This product is made by Sensory Matters, an Australian, family owned and run business, who develop, design, locally manufacture and sell activities and toys designed to be beneficial in many areas of a child’s development. These include fine and gross motor skills, kinaesthetic awareness, core body stability, proprioception, balance, focus and concentration, co-ordination, motor planning, turn taking, tactile discrimination and bilateral movement among others. Sensory Matters products are designed and locally made in Melbourne, Victoria.

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