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Crazy Aaron's Putty Treasure Surprise

Crazy Aaron's Putty Treasure Surprise

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Which colour will you find?

Crazy Aaron's Treasure Surprise collection has twelve mini tins that are incredible finds just waiting to be discovered! Each mini tin in this set comes with a unique peel & reveal label to preserve the rarity and to keep the fun of each tin a surprise. 

Collect rare, extraordinary, and epic finds and try to capture the legendary Pirate's Gold, which includes a sprinkling of genuine 24K gold, and Lost Diamond, which contains actual diamond dust!

Collect Them All!

LEGENDARY (rarest)

  • Pirate’s Gold: Will you be lucky enough to discover 24K gold treasure from a real sunken pirate ship?
  • Lost Diamond: The Lost Diamond shines with actual diamond dust. It’s just waiting to be unearthed


  • Black Pearl: A fortunate find. Uncover the rare Black Pearl, and you’ll own something truly unique.
  • Crystal Skull: Can you solve the mystery of the Crystal Skull? Unveil this mythical Aztec relic and find out!


  • Royal Sceptre: It’s coronation day! Discover the majestic sparkle and rich radiance of this golden bounty.
  • Imperial Crown: You rule! A court of jewel-toned sparkles adorns this regal silver Thinking Putty.


  • Ghost Ship: Like phantom vessels and legendary curses, Ghost Ship is spooky and mysterious.
  • Tiger Eye: The ultimate power stone. Tiger Eye holds the key to unlocking your strengths and abilities.


  • Persian Emerald: An exotic prize. Precious Persian Emerald has been the centrepiece of royal jewellery for centuries.
  • Burmese Ruby: Unwrap a mystical find. Burmese Ruby is a coveted gem known for its talismanic and supernatural powers.
  • Pure Platinum: A dazzling discovery. Make the metal of kings and queens yours with Pure Platinum.
  • Ceylon Sapphire: Unmask a bounty in blue. The finest in the world, magical Ceylon Sapphire will put you under its spell.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is so much more than a toy! The sensory nature of the putty makes it a great tool for relieving stress, and assisting in physical therapy for wrists and hands. The putty helps to build strength, improve dexterity, and increase flexibility.

One of our favourites here at Sensory Street, these 5cm mini tins of Crazy Aaron's thinking putty are perfect for taking with you everywhere.


Crazy Aaron’s thinking putty is made in the USA from nontoxic silicone and never dries out.


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