Sensory Street is proud to be a registered National Insurance Disability Scheme (NDIS) provider. Our provider number is 4050082416.

We are approved to provide supports throughout Australia under the NDIS registration groups:
0103 – Assistive Prod Personal Care/Safety
0112 – Assistive Equip-Recreation
0124 – Comms & Info Equipment

You can contact your local co-ordinator or your Plan Manager if you are unsure whether you can use your NDIS funding to purchase items from Sensory Street.

There are 3 ways that your funding may be managed:

  1. Self – managed: you pay for the goods/services and claim the funds back from NDIS through the client portal
  2. Plan Managed:  you have a Plan Manager who claims the funds for you and pays the service provider on your behalf.
  3. NDIA Managed: the service provider (us!) claims the funds directly through the NDIA provider portal.
Your funds may be managed via one or a combination of the above. If you are unsure how your funds are managed, you can refer directly to you NDIS plan or speak with your NDIS co-ordinator.

To purchase from Sensory Street using your NDIS plan funds:

Order the items from the website and pay the amount due – you can pay via Paypal, Afterpay, Credit Card or direct debit.
Login to your MyGov account and submit your claim via the NDIS portal.

The invoice that you receive once your order is completed is your proof of purchase if required by NDIA.

If you prefer to claim the funds via the NDIS portal prior to paying for your order, select the Checkout option ‘Generate Invoice for 3rd Party’. We will then send you an invoice that you can use to claims funds from NDIS.  Your order will be packed and shipped once full payment has been received.
If you have any questions, please contact us at info@sensorystreet.com.au and we will assist you as best we can.

If you are using a Plan Manager for your NDIS funding, select the Checkout option ‘NDIS Plan Managed’.
Enter the required information:

  • NDIS plan recipient name and NDIS reference number.
  • Plan Manager name and email address

We will create an invoice and forward this to the Plan Manager.
Your order will be packed and shipped once full payment has been received.

If you are Agency (NDIA) Managed, select the Checkout option ‘NDIA Managed Funds’.
Enter the required information:

  • NDIS Participant Name
  • Participant NDIS Reference Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Plan Start Date
  • Plan End Date

Once you have completed your order, we will submit a claim through the NDIS Portal for payment. Once the payment has been processed, we will pack and ship your order.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@sensorystreet.com.au and we will assist you as best we can.

Terms of ordering with NDIA Managed Funds:

When you place an order with Sensory Street using the NDIA Managed Funds option, you accept the following as the Service Agreement between the Provider (Sensory Street) and the NDIS Participant/Representative :

The Provider(Sensory Street) will:

  • Make service bookings and payment requests as per the order placed by the NDIS participant/representative.
  • Fulfil the order within a reasonable timeframe once payment of the order is processed by NDIA

The NDIS Participant/Representative will:

  • Let the provider know of any changes to the participants NDIS plan.
  • Allow the provider to make service bookings and payment requests as per the order placed on this website. 

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