Meet the Sensory Squad

Meet Silky, a small monster with a lot of cheek! She loves games and playing practical jokes. Silky has a great sense of humour and loves hearing all sorts of jokes from people. She also loves magic and wants to grow up to be a magician! Silky loves magic so much that she doesn’t want to learn about or do anything else. She can get frustrated at school when he has to sit down and learn in class. Silky has a big box of toys that help her deal with frustration, stay calm and focus in class and at home. When she starts to feel frustrated, Silky can use her putty and stress balls to try to keep calm. The squishy tactile glitter ball and pineapple feel relaxing to play with and so does the water snake. In class, Silky can use the fidgets and stretchy punk bracelet to help her to focus when she finds herself daydreaming about magic tricks – the Jacob’s ladder and twist n lock transformer help her to concentrate too. Silky’s box has so many wonderful toys to choose from!

Meet Sherbie, the monster with the coolest shades! Sherbie feels uncomfortable around people she doesn’t know, so the shades also help her feel brave and safe when she’s out and about. Sherbie also carries her Sensory Street Travel Bag with her favourite sensory toys inside. The finger cube helps Sherbie from feeling anxious in new surroundings, by moving it’s parts, Sherbie can keep her mind busy and try to focus at the task at hand. The bouncing putty and squishy glitter ball are good to squeeze when anxiety creeps up – Sherbie likes to think she is squeezing her anxious thoughts out of her mind when she squeezes them. The liquid timer and Jacob’s ladder are well used visual aids that both help Sherbie to focus and calm down when she needs.. We hope you love Sherbie’s fave five!!

Worble is an energetic monster with a huge grin. This green little fellow loves to move and finds it hard to sit still and concentrate. His teacher understands that using some toys out of Worble’s sensory box helps him to listen and focus on the task at hand. In class, Worble can use the fidget cube and the stretchy punk bracelet to keep his fingers busy so that he can pay attention to his teacher. He loves to stretch and flick the soft spikes on the bracelet. The bouncing putty and glitter ball provide great tactile input that can help Worble if he is starting to feel irritated or angry, but he also just likes the feeling of squishing and squeezing them – it’s relaxing for him. The wooden unicorn is a great toy that can twist this way and that. You can make endless shapes with the unicorn, and the smooth wooden bumps feel nice to rub in your fingers.

Globber is a big shiny monster with a big personality. He loves to please and make his parents and teachers happy but he has trouble reading social cues. Globber can be a bit over enthusiastic and say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Despite this, he is a happy monster who enjoys playing on his own or with his friends. He is excited to share his favourite toys with you. Globber loves flicking on his light up emoji light switch – he has it on the wall next to his bed as a night light. He loves playing with his tactile toys such as his squishy balls and water snake. The liquid timer provides visual stimulation, while his fidget toys help calm him when he is feeling over excited.

This is Pompom, a fluffy monster with mean looking horns who is really a gentle, nervous soul. Pompom loves routine and gets easily agitated when unexpected things happen. She oftens rubs her hands together and bites her fingernails. Pompom finds that when she plays with her tactile toys such as her fidget spinner, marble fidget, twist n lock blocks or fidget cube, she doesn’t bite her nails as much. She really loves playing with her funny face slinky spring, it makes her laugh and relaxes her. She has some great tactile squishy toys she uses, also some of the amazing Aaron’s putty. The putty is not only a great tactile toy, it’s a great therapeutic tool for developing fine motor skills and for those with low muscle tone. Pompom’s Top 10 box is a great all-rounder that will keep your child busy and entertained.


This friendly little fella is Yo-yo. He is an energetic, life-loving dude who loves being out and about. Sometimes his energy can be a bit much and he needs to keep his multiple hands busy to stay calm and focus. Yo-yo has a range of different ready-to-go bags, with a great range of sensory toys to choose from. Squishy, stretchy, tactile and visual toys – Yo-yo loves them all.

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