The Everyday Autism Series: Madi and Thomas Collection (Set of 5 books)

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This beautifully illustrated series of picture books are written in rhyme to be entertaining, with simple language for both children and adults to gain valuable knowledge of what life can be like for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Includes all four Madi books and the I am Thomas book:

  • Madi: This book tells about Madi’s early years and how hard it was to discover what was going on inside her precious mind and heart.
  • Madi At Kinder: Madi is ready for kinder, but it is not easy for her or her teachers and classmates to understand her.
  • Madi Starts School: Blue-eyed Madi is growing up, and now it is time for her to go to school.
  • Madi Goes Shopping: See the world through Madi’s eyes as she goes shopping and understand the challenges and joys of daily life with autism for Madi and her parents.
  • I Am Thomas: Thomas looks like any other boy his age, but struggles to find the words he needs to explain how he is feeling.

Our twenty-first century world is not made for autistic children (or adults) and, despite the increasing rate of diagnosis, many people have no idea what autism actually looks like or the impact it has on the whole family.Eating. Playing. Getting dressed. Going shopping. Special occasions at school. Interruptions to imaginary play. Family events. There is always the sense of: “What is going to happen next?” which adds extra tension to the day when you are with an autistic child.

After writing a series of children’s books to explain her daughter’s condition to her kindergarten class Monique now writes regularly about what might be helpful for other families grappling with a diagnosis of autism. Now Monique has written of her own experience of being an Autism parent. “Never Give Up!” is the honest story about her families’ autism journey with tips and tricks they have learned along the way.

You can find out more about Monique and read her blog posts here:


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