Sensory Sand Mini Hourglass Flowgo

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This fluffy spongiform substance flows like it is living. Pour the Flowgo sensory sand out of its hourglass container and watch as the thousands of little particles slowly flow out from the centre like each particle has a mind of its own.

When squeezed it slowly clumps up before quickly flowing and separating into its original form. You can use it in the hourglass shaped container and watch it it flows through to the bottom.

Mesmerising to watch and a joy to touch, this awesome sensory substance comes in 6 bright colours.

Colours will be chosen at random.

9cm x 5.5cm

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Collect all 6 colours of the Flowgo sensory sand. Children and adults alike will be engaged with this amazingly light and fluffy substance. When you squeeze it, it clumps together, then watch as it comes to life and changes back to its original state.

A fantastic sensory tool to add to the collection!


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