Neon Gel Squishy Stress Ball 6cm

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These Neon Gel Squishy Stress Ball feel firm but squishy. The gel inside is squishy, but it is firmer than water orbs or clay filled balls. Great if you are looking for a stress ball that is soft but has more resistance.

Available in  different colours: blue, opaque white, neon Yellow, neon green, neon orange, pink.

Please note: this product has a soft, stretchy nature which can break if it is bitten or torn. If your child is prone to biting or rough play using fingernails, consider whether this product is suitable. Always use under supervision.


There is an uber wonderous feeling in your hands when you squeeze this ball.
Don’t take my word for it… Make it your mission to grab one and start squishing and then you can make your mind up.

Another awesome addition to your sensory range.


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