Monkey Expressions – Show What You Feel and Why

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Monkey Expressions game is a fun discovery tool that enables children to expand their communication and social emotional skills.
The lovable monkey feels a lot of feelings all day long. Being chased by the bear, he feels frightened and sad. When he opens his gift he feels surprised and happy to see beautiful butterflies fly out.
Change the eyes and the mouth of the monkey to express what he’s feeling in different situations.  Great for kids who may need some extra help being able to identify emotions and expressions.

  • This lovable puzzle helps children identify and express emotions-happy, sad, angry, surprise and fear.
  • A fun way for kids to expand their communication and social skills
  • No reading required

For ages 2.5-6 years

One or more players

Game contains: 1 cardboard box with monkey figure and face embedded, 15 pieces (5 eye pieces, 5 mouth pieces, and 5 thought bubbles), and instructions.

Measures in cm: 27x22x6

Chalk and Chuckles range of games are expertly designed by a child psychologist to help in stimulating core development skills. All of the games are multifaceted and draw on different skills. They let your ideas run wild and find expression. They help prioritisation, sustained attention and planning through play activities and skills that can be used in everyday life.


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