Marble Tunnel Sensory Fidget

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Similar to the Marble Mazes, the Marble Tunnels use your fingers to guide the marble through the stitched tunnels.

The Marble Tunnels have the added benefit of the children being able to see the 10 marbles included at the start and end to the tunnels (marbles are enclosed in the tunnels).  In doing so, children are working on their fine motor skills and improving the strength and dexterity of the small muscles of their hands and wrists, as well as being able to fidget with their hands without disrupting others around them.

Marble Mazes make excellent fidget toys, particularly in the classroom environment but due to small parts are not recommended for children under the age of 3.


This product is made by Sensory Matters, an Australian, family owned and run business, who develop, design, locally manufacture and sell activities and toys designed to be beneficial in many areas of a child’s development.  These include fine and gross motor skills, kinaesthetic awareness, core body stability, proprioception, balance, focus and concentration, co-ordination, motor planning, turn taking, tactile discrimination and bilateral movement among others.  Sensory Matters products are designed and locally made in Melbourne, Victoria.


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