Globber’s Fancy Fidgets 10 Box with Funny Face Spring

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A4 (29.7cm x 21cm)

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Kaiko original bike chain fidget range

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The Kaiko medium bike chain fidget is small & discreet, perfect to pop in your pocket & take anywhere! A simple design using stainless steel industrial bike chain gives it a funky look and feel.

Kaiko Fidgets Magic Ball

The bearing in the Kaiko Magic Ball fidget moves, as does the chain around it. It feels great rolled between two hands or used one handed – the options are endless with this popular fidget tool.

Sensory Genius Finger Fling

Master tricks and a calmer state of mind with this one-handed fidget toy. You'll also increase dexterity as you twirl, spin and weave the string around your fingers.

Sensory Genius Fidjigami

Fidjigami is an interactive, articulated, 3D puzzle snake that fidgeters will have a hard time putting down.

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Sensory Genius Pencil Pushers

Bring life to your pencils with these brightly coloured fidget accessories. Set includes three pencils in orange, blue and green and three multi-colored pushers.

Sensory Genius Stretchy Strings

When you’re tied up in knots, stretch away the stress! These squishy strings can stretch over 3 feet long and be twisted and twirled around your hands and fingers for uniquely satisfying stimulation.

This Fidgets Gift Box includes 10 fidget tools and comes with your choice of our amazing Emotions and Feelings infographic posters.

Select your poster design and choice of TWO Kaiko or Sensory Genius Fidgets and then add the box to your cart.

A perfect fidget box for older children, teens or adults, this gift box contains a wide range of fidgets to keep hands busy. A fantastic gift for the fidgeter in your life!

The Globber’s Fancy Fidgets 10 box:

  • helps to reduce stress
  • keep hands busy to allow the mind to focus
  • distract from unwanted habits such a fingernail biting
  • relieves anxiety

Please note that this box contains magnets which are not suitable for children under 8 years.

*Please note that images are representative of items that will be included in your box. If an item shown is not available at the time, it will be replaced with a similar sensory tool. *

Sensory squad Globber

Globber is a big shiny monster with a big personality and he is excited to share some of his favourite fidget tools in his Fancy Fidget gift box with you. Globber loves flicking on his light up Emoji Light Switch – he has it on the wall next to his bed as a night light. The Sensory Genius range has some great options for people who like to fidget of all ages. The stretchy strings are very popular and are a great tool for helping to concentrate while studying or working. Globber loves his Kaiko fidgets – the magic ball is his favourite but he also loves the classic bike chain fidget – it’s so easy to put in his pocket to take everywhere! He loves playing with his tactile resources such as his mesh fidget with marble. The fidget cube is always a winner and  provides visual stimulation and helps him slow down and focus, while the twist and lock blocks and slinky spring keep his fingers busy and are fun to play with. He uses the visual aid poster inside the box lid with the mirror and the infinity tracing tool to calm and control his breathing.

Globber’s Fancy Fidgets 10 Box Contains:

                1. Kaiko Fidget of your choice
                2. Sensory Genius Fidget tool of your choice
                3. Fidget Cube
                4. Mesh Fidget with marble
                5. Buzzing Magnets
                6. Extendable Pop Tube
                7. Tie Dyed Spinning top
                8. Wooden Twist n Lock Blocks
                9. Emoji Light Switch
                10. Funny Face Slinky Spring
      1. Due to the magnets in this box, the recommended age is 8+ years
Dimensions 34 × 26 × 9 cm

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Hand Tracing Breathing, Infinity Symbol Breathing, Star Tracing Breathing, What Zone Am I In?, When I'm Feeling

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Multicoloured, Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple

Kaiko original bike chain fidget range


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