“Finished” Throwover

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“Finished” throwover is approximately 110cm x 110cm – perfect to cover static electronic devices.

Many children with autism have difficulty understanding when told verbally that it is time to finish an activity and also recognising how to finish an activity in an appropriate manner. Quite often, it is at this point that the child becomes upset, which can lead into a meltdown as they can not understand the situation and transition to the next activity.

By placing the “finished” throw over the item, this will symbolise that they have finished with the activity.  This is a concrete way for the child to then move on to another task.


This product is made by Sensory Matters, an Australian, family owned and run business, who develop, design, locally manufacture and sell activities and toys designed to be beneficial in many areas of a child’s development.  These include fine and gross motor skills, kinaesthetic awareness, core body stability, proprioception, balance, focus and concentration, co-ordination, motor planning, turn taking, tactile discrimination and bilateral movement among others.  Sensory Matters products are designed and locally made in Melbourne, Victoria.

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