Teacher’s Essentials Fidget and Sensory Bag

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Teacher’s Essentials Fidget and Sensory Bag comes with 6 quality fidget and sensory toys perfect for school, kindergarten and childcare settings.

  1. Peanut liquid timer
  2. Silicone dimple key ring
  3. Fidget cube
  4. Colour change stress ball
  5. Textured metallic Tangle™
  6. Octopus reversible pop it.

Many teachers and teachers aides find that using fidget tools can be beneficial for many of their students. They can be used to help children focus, having a fidget tool in their hands while sitting listening with the group. They can also be used to help with transition to and from activities, play times, etc.

Some classrooms or schools have a dedicated sensory or calm space and have a variety of resources that children can access when they need. Children have different sensory input requirements, so will have a preference for different types of fidget and sensory tools.

Benefits of the Back to School Fidget and Sensory bag:

  • Six unique sensory and fidget tools
  • All items are durable and cleanable
  • Visual timer to help with transitions and finish times
  • Different types of sensory input to suit a range of needs
  • Tools to provide tactile and visual sensory input

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What’s inside?

Teacher’s Essentials Fidget and Sensory Bag has some of our most favourite fidgets.

  1. The pop it reversible octopus provides a great stress reliever and a satisfying popping sound!
  2. Our favourite fidget here at Sensory Street, the metallic Tangle is one you can’t put down!
  3. The colour change ball is so soft and squishy and a visual delight when it changes colour – a real stress reliever.
  4. The silicon simple dimpl keychain is a quiet and discreet fidget that can be popped over and over, keeping hands busy.
  5. The Peanut shaped honeycomb liquid timer provides visual sensory input and is also a useful tool in the classroom.
  6. Last but not least, the fidget cube is a must-have in any fidget kit. It is a quiet discreet fidget that is held in the hand and can be used during listening time or while working.

All of the fidget and sensory tools come in a large calico bag which is easy to take with you on the go. Our bags are all natural calico cotton and are high quality 130gsm with high denier. The bags are also all cross stitched on the inside seams which means they are stronger than your average calico bag!

Recommended Age: 3+ years

Dimensions 30 × 20 cm


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