Aaron’s Putty Glow Range

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Crazy Aaron’s amazing Glow Putty goes way beyond to invoke a total sensory experience like no other.
Charged by day (or with the Glow Charger in the large tin), these putties glow bright at night. The brighter the light the longer your glow will last!

These glow in the dark putties will keep children and adults alike mesmorised. Provides visual sensory input while also helping to develop fine motor skills, improving hand dexterity and strength.

Crazy Aaron’s Putty is a high quality product that never dries out!

Features: Glows, Stretchable, Tearable, Sculptable,
Materials: Non-toxic silicone
Ages: 3+
Made in the USA.
Manufactured with the help of exceptional individuals challenged with disabilities.


Northern Lights Cosmic Glow 10cm Tin, Amber Glow 5cm Tin, Aurora Sky Glow 5cm Tin, Star Dust Cosmic Glow 10cm Tin, Solar Wind Cosmic Glow 10cm Tin, Milky Way Cosmic Glow 10cm Tin


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