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Sensory Street was started by two sisters, Michelle and Carolyn. Michelle is a mum of two active boys who keep her on her toes! When her youngest Max was diagnosed with Autism, Michelle was overwhelmed with the amount of options when it came to sensory toys. As each person has different sensory needs and responds to different tools, she struggled with knowing how to find the right resources for Max. Seeing her sister struggle, Carolyn used knowledge from her teaching background to create her nephew Max the perfect Christmas present – a sensory box filled with a whole range of toys for him to squish, stretch, throw, feel and manipulate. The present included a mirror and a visual aid poster to help Max with emotional regulation.  

It was such well-loved personal gift and from there, Sensory Street was born.

When you give a sensory box, you are not just giving children an amazing range of interesting and fun toys, you are also providing them with sensory input. By exploring and playing with the sensory tools, the child is able to work out which tools help them work through what they need in that moment – maybe they need a fidget type tool to help their mind focus or perhaps they need something to squeeze and stretch to help calm anxious thoughts.

Sensory tools can decrease stress, increase focus and concentration, regulate ones emotions, calm, soothe, comfort and help individuals navigate everyday life without sensory overload.

Sensory Street gift boxes can help families manage the stress in everyday activities. They can provide consistency from school or kindergarten to home, allowing access to familiar strategies and soothing methods. With a Sensory Street gift box you will have a toolbox of strategies for families to help support their loved ones to feel calm and fulfill their sensory input needs.

Creating a multi-sensory environment in your loved ones school or kindergarten and home is an ideal strategy to keep coping mechanisms consistent.

Having five kids between them, Michelle and Carolyn know how much they want (and need) to move! Of course they can’t always be running and jumping, so Sensory Street gift boxes can help keep their bodies and minds occupied when they need to be still or calm. Sensory Street travel bags are perfect for taking to appointments, car trips, trains, buses, airplanes, you name it!

Michelle and Carol are so excited to share their story and venture with you and would love to hear your experiences – you can contact our website by clicking here, or on our Facebook or Instagram page. Whether you are looking for a gift for a child with special needs, or something a bit different to the usual store bought toys, we have the solution for you!

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