Top 5 Stocking Fillers to get you
through the Christmas holidays!

Fidget Tools are a hot item! Not only are they fun to play with, they can also provide moments of calm, away from the hustle and bustle of the festive season.

We have selected our top 5 sensory tools that are our most popular sellers! These beneficial tools are durable, reusable, affordable and best of all, fun!

Mini Fidget Cube

1 ) The Mini Fidget Cube – The Mini Fidget Cube is for those that fidget and love to move. This discreet tool has buttons to press, pads to swivel, discs to circulate, balls to roll, and switches to flick! The mini cube will keep hands busy! A handy tool to replace habits such as nail biting or nose picking, use it watching a movie, playing a game or keeping in your pocket for when you’re feeling anxious.

The Mini cube comes in a variety of colours and is a sensory fan favourite!

2) Smoosho’s!   – The ever popular Smoosho brand is popular for a reason! These velvety stress balls come in a range of cool designs such as Penguins and Colour Change.These soft cloud-like spheres are as durable as a stress ball comes and give a satisfying squish!

Once a Smoosho is in your hands you won’t be able to stop yourself from squeezing!

3) Tangles! – Twist it, turn it, tangle it! A fan collectable, fidget lovers can’t get enough of the bright colours and textures a Tangle provides. They love the smooth motion and how it relaxes them instantly. You can be creative with a Tangle, rotating forwards and backwards, in and out. Easy to clean and quiet, Tangles are a perfect study tool, helping to focus and hold concentration. Everyone needs a tangle in their life!

4) Timers!Avoid sensory overload with a simple Timer! An underrated sensory tool, timers can offer a visual escape away from the Christmas chaos. Sit and watch the floating bubbles and coloured liquid ooze and drip down through the tube. Creating a peaceful atmosphere, timers are mesmerising as the tiny droplets fall from one end to the other, slowing the pace and encouraging you to relax and reset when needed. Some of our most popular timers are the Anti – Gravity timer (amazing) and the new Volcano Timer. With over 10 different timers to choose from, you can’t go wrong!

5) Sensory On-The-Go Bag! – With all of the visiting and functions on over the festive season, a travel bag of sensory toys has never made more sense (especially for anyone still feeling anxious about visiting places after so many lockdowns!). Our Unicorn and Dino bags come with 5 popular fidget tools including a Pop-It and Mesh Ball. Sensory Street have many fun and convenient travel fidget bags available! 

Customer Review - Sensory Sensations Ooze Tube Kaz - 17/10/2021  - "Fantastic products…. Fantastic timer that the kids love using"

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